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Let Us Eat Cake

Jan 30, 2020

In this week's episode Hannah & Ali are joined by dietitian Sammy Previte from Dietitians of Palm Valley to talk all things travel. Sammy is a fellow anti-diet crusader with a brilliant program focused on breaking up with diet culture and finding food freedom. The three dietitians team up to tackle your questions about navigating food and exercise before, during and after vacations. How do you manage the desire to diet and hit the gym to get bikini ready? How can you stay on track at all-inclusive resorts or when you're surrounded all day by food and drinks? What if the friends you are traveling with eat differently than you? Vacations are a time for fun, exploring new places and much deserved relaxation. This week's episode will ease your mind and help you sail away from your body pressures and diet culture. This is the only time you will be happy to have lost your baggage!

Body positive accounts to follow from this week's episode:

Sammy Previte at @breakdietrules

Brianna Campos at @bodyimageinwithbri

Evelyn Tribole at @evelyntribole

Caroline Dooner at @thefuckitdiet

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