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Let Us Eat Cake

Dec 10, 2020

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things body image with the one and only Brianna M. Campos. Bri is a  Licensed Professional Counselor, body image educator, and host of the Body Image with Bri podcast. Bri is a champion for Health at Every Size, a Fat Positive provider, and a total badass in the world of body image. She was the perfect person to use her professional expertise and lived experience to help answer this week’s listener questions. Is it wrong to try to lose weight if your intention is to be stronger, healthier, happier and more confident? How do I learn to love my body regardless of my weight? Is body love even possible for everyone? How do you get people to stop commenting on other people’s bodies? Diet culture wants us to believe our worth is our weight and that once we are smaller we can start living our lives. Hell no! Hannah, Ali and Bri are here to tell you that living life starts TODAY and this week’s episode is the kick off party!
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How to find Brianna Campos:

Instagram @bodyimagewithbri

Host of Body Image with Bri Podcast

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