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Let Us Eat Cake

Mar 4, 2021

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things caffeine. The hilarious Registered Dietitian Andy De Santis from @andytherd join Hannah and Ali to answer all your most buzzed about questions on caffeine and coffee. How much is too much coffee? Is it better if I spread my coffee intake out throughout the day vs have them all at once? When’s the latest in the day I can drink coffee and not be kept up all night? Is it true that caffeine can help you lose weight? Does caffeine speed up your metabolism? What’s the deal with caffeine and adrenal fatigue? Does this impact weight gain or sugar cravings? In addition to being Nutrition Month, March is also Caffeine Awareness Month- a month dedicated to helping North American’s understand their caffeine intake and allow individuals to consume caffeine in a safe and effective way. Whether you are a caffiend or just enjoy the occasional matcha, there is a lot of information about whether caffeine is good or bad, right or wrong, can be used for weight loss or the cause of weight gain and like most things in the media diet culture has happily contributed to this topic. This week Hannah, Ali and Andy are here to shed some science-based light on the topic of caffeine so whether you start your day with a green tea, enjoy an afternoon cold brew or are a regular drinker of nature’s bean water- you will be armed with the facts to consume caffeine in a safe way. 

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