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Let Us Eat Cake

Apr 22, 2021

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things mindful eating. They are joined by the wonderful and insightful Registered Dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor Vincci Tsui. Vincci is a former bariatric surgery dietitian turned body liberation advocate and author of The Mindful Eating Workbook: Simple Practices for Nurturing a Positive Relationship with Food. Vincci’s unique experience practicing in a weight loss clinic before finding her place as an expert in coaching clients with intuitive eating, mindfulness and rejecting diet culture makes her the perfect person to answer all your questions about mindful eating. What exactly IS mindful eating? What do we use it for? How much time should you allow yourself to eat so that you can eat mindfully? What kind of strategies should you practice to make meals more satisfying? Is it bad to have distractions like TV or your phone while you’re eating? How do you tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger? Diet culture has tried to corrupt mindful eating as a diet trick to limit our intake and add more rules. In this week’s episode, Hannah, Ali and Vincci call diet culture’s bluff, and help you do the opposite! This episode gives you the skills so that you can be present in the moment, remove judgement and connect with curiosity so that you can truly enjoy and be satisfied with food. 

Make sure to head over to the @eatcakepod Instagram account Monday-Friday at 3pm PST for a live support "Snack Time & Chill"- a chance for a supported snack at a physical distance, to ask your nutrition questions and have some laughs along the way.

How to find Vincci Tsui:

Instagram @vinccird

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