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Let Us Eat Cake

May 6, 2021

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things body trust. They are joined by Health at Every Size Registered Dietitian and Certified Body Trust ® Provider Aaron Flores to tackle your questions about how to make peace with and trust your body. Hannah and Ali have been following Aaron’s message on Instagram (@aaronfloresrdn) for years and have always admired the effortless balance of wisdom and empathy he brings to his followers so they were THRILLED when he agreed to share his message with the Let Us Eat Cake community. The questions you pitched his way were not easy but there is no surprise Aaron hit them out of the park. How can I trust my body if I gain weight when I eat whatever I want? Why do we need to trust hunger and not fullness cues in eating disorder recovery? How do you trust your body is at an ideal or natural weight? Is there a way you can eat and make food choices to feel more confident in your body, but also not subscribe to diet culture? With summer approaching and lockdown (hopefully) ending soon, do you have any tips to increase comfort seeing friends in person in a body that has changed? The idea of body trust can feel so daunting that it’s hard to know where to even begin. In this week’s episode Hannah, Ali and Aaron give tangible tips and steps to get started repairing your relationship with your body today. This episode is an absolute home run!!

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How to find Aaron Flores:

Instagram @aaronfloresrdn

Mentioned in the episode: by Sonya Renee Taylor by Meredith Noble

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