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Let Us Eat Cake

May 13, 2021

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things weight and eating disorders. They are joined by the incredible eating disorders therapist Jennifer Rollin. Jennifer uses both her lived experience of overcoming an eating disorder, paired with her professional expertise of being a world renowned therapist, to help people believe eating disorder recovery is possible AND worth it. This week’s listener questions focus on the fears associated with gaining weight in eating disorder recovery. Is it okay to keep my weight at a place where I don’t hate myself and feel so uncomfortable in my body? Do you have to completely give up control of your weight if you want to recover from an eating disorder? How do I improve my body image so I don’t relapse into my eating disorder? Do I need to stop weighing myself to completely recover? What if the distress from gaining weight is worse than distress from an eating disorder? How do I manage other people’s expectations of my recovery, if I don’t feel ready for it yet? Eating disorders and eating disorder recovery is complicated... especially with the anti-fat bias that diet culture has created in the world. Hannah, Ali and Jennifer know one podcast episode (or two- make sure to check out the one about eating disorders as well!) is not going to be a magic cure but they do know that a life without the eating disorder can feel magical. The theme of this episode is that recovery IS possible and Hannah, Ali and Jennifer KNOW every listener can find the freedom to make their life sparkle.

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How to find Jennifer Rollin:

On Instagram @jennfier_rollin

New book: The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery: Advice from Two Therapists Who Have Been There by Colleen Reichmann and Jennifer Rollin

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