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Let Us Eat Cake

May 20, 2021

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things diabetes. They are joined by world renowned diabetes care and education specialist Registered Dietitian Megrette Fletcher. Megrette brings over 25 years experience working in diabetes and chronic illness as a champion and advocate for anti-diet, weight inclusive diabetes care. Our listener questions this week include: Do I need to watch my weight and food choices to prevent diabetes? Can people give themselves type 2 diabetes by eating poorly, being fat and eating too much sugar? Do you need to calculate your carbohydrate intake to the gram to manage your diabetes? What’s the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Is it true that if I lose weight I can reverse my pre-diabetes? Can you eat intuitively and manage your blood sugars? Diabetes care and education can be deeply rooted in diet culture and weight stigma, which often leave those impacted by diabetes believing their body is the problem and that it is their responsibility to fix themselves. Megrette helps bust this myth, and shows how fat-phobia, weight stigma, and weight bias perpetuate trauma and contribute to health inequity in diabetes care. In this episode, Hannah, Ali and Megrette will take all the B.S. out of diabetes messaging and show that all bodies are worthy of respect, care and support. You’ll leave this episode knowing that no matter the person or the chronic illness, nobody’s body is a PROBLEM and that the principles of intuitive eating can apply to all! That sounds pretty darn good to us!

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How to find Megrette Fletcher:

On Instagram: @mindfulrd

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Downloadable PDF "Diabetes Etiquette"-

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