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Let Us Eat Cake

Mar 19, 2020

In this special episode, Hannah and Ali talk all things coronavirus. In times of stress and uncertainty it makes sense that we look for things to control. One of the things that feels like it is in our control is how we feed and move our bodies… and even that feels threatened in light of grocery store shortages and social distancing recommendations. Hannah and Ali get together for a bonus episode to tackle the questions coming up about food, nutrition and health during this pandemic. Are there any foods that can prevent or cure COVID-19? How do I handle the stress of these food shortages, especially when I can’t go to the store often or buy what’s normally on my list?  Are canned, frozen or dried foods less healthy than fresh foods? How do I manage the fear of weight gain when my exercise schedule is disrupted and I have constant access to food? If your question hasn't been answered today make sure to head over to @eatcakepod on Instagram where Hannah and Ali will be answering questions, sharing new resources, and much, much more. Please join us on our social media outlets so that even though we are keeping social distance, we know we are definitely not alone. Oh, and PLEASE don't forget to wash your hands!


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