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Let Us Eat Cake

Jun 10, 2021

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things ADHD. They are joined by Registered Dietitian, anti-diet therapist and Certified Body Trust ® Provider Aleta Storch from @the_adhd_rd to answer all your listener questions on navigating ADHD as an adult living in a diet-culture world. Aleta brings her lived experience of having ADHD and having recovered from an eating disorder to help our listener’s navigate this complicated topic. How can I develop a better awareness of my hunger signals when my medication suppresses my appetite? Is eating intuitively possible for someone with ADHD? How do I manage planning and preparing food when my executive function, energy or motivation is low? How do I practice having self compassion for my body in the same way that I have self compassion for my neurodiversity? Are there resources for people who want to treat their ADHD and eating disorder simultaneously? Diet culture tries to tell us that the only permissible reason to eat is connection to a hunger cue but the reality is for folks with ADHD these cues are not always clear or accessible.In this week’s episode, Aleta uses her encouraging approach to make eating disorder recovery feel possible for neurodivergent folks and together Hannah, Ali and Aleta bring tips, tools and guidance to make recovery accessible to all!

Make sure to head over to the @eatcakepod Instagram account Tuesdays an Thursdays at 3pm PST for a live support "Snack Time & Chill"- a chance for a supported snack at a physical distance, to ask your nutrition questions and have some laughs along the way.

How to find Aleta Storch:

On Instagram @the_adhd_rd

For more information on Aleta's June workshops & 10 week online group programs for ADHD and nutrition:

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