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Let Us Eat Cake

Jan 23, 2020

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things women’s health. The diet industry works hard to convince women of their body’s shortcomings, and Hannah and Ali are here to shine a light on some of the amazing things the female body can do. They dive into the research to answer listener questions from start to finish. The episode starts with breaking down the science behind menstrual cycles and how nutrition impacts hormone production. What’s the difference between dietary fat and body fat in supporting hormone health? Does having a history of an eating disorder impact fertility? Is there truth to the recommendation to lose weight in order to alleviate symptoms of PCOS or endometriosis? If I am a “normal” weight why don’t I have regular periods? The more we learn to appreciate the many incredible things our body does, the easier it can become to nourish, fuel, and love this miraculous machine.  

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