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Let Us Eat Cake

Jun 11, 2020

In another special episode, Hannah and Ali continue to talk all things coronavirus. The many months of physical distancing have continued to impact the way people feel about food and their bodies, and the pressures of diet culture remain relentless. Are people with anorexia and eating disorders at higher risk for infection? Is it true that “obesity” is one of the greatest risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalizations and critical illness? As restrictions begin to be lifted in some areas how do I cope with a body that may have changed during the pandemic? And if restrictions haven’t been lifted in my area, how do I deal with the anxiety of exercising less and eating differently? What are some practical ways I can distract or occupy my time without being stuck in the extremes that come with diet culture?  Hannah and Ali head to the literature to give you the most up-to-date facts, and give you practical tips to social distance from all the diet culture B.S. In the words of British Columbia Provincial Health Officer and shining star Dr Bonnie Henry, "be calm, be kind and be safe". This one's for you, Bonnie!
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