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Let Us Eat Cake

Dec 3, 2020

In this season's premiere episode Hannah and Ali are joined by author Caroline Dooner to talk about all things The F*ck It Diet. Caroline is the ultimate guest to answer listener questions about the mind f*ck that is diet culture; what it really looks like when you turn your back on dieting and start walking into the light of food freedom. Using her unique experience of waging war against her own diet demons, Caroline keeps it real when helping listeners kick dieting to the curb. Is there a way to eliminate diet rules, and not end up eating super unhealthy foods or gain weight? How do I deal with cravings and extreme hunger when breaking up with dieting? How do I stop emotional eating? 


Diets are sneaky, convincing and opportunistic... kind of like that annoying ex who won't go away. In this week's episode Hannah, Ali and Caroline join together to help you say "boy bye!" to dieting once and for all.

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How to find Caroline Dooner:

IG: @thefuckitdiet

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