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Let Us Eat Cake

Jan 28, 2021

In this week’s episode Hannah and Ali talk all things the gut. Dietitians LOVE talking about poop, but we simply couldn’t do another episode about digestion without calling Registered Dietitian and digestive health guru, Desiree Nielsen. Desiree is a leader (if not THE leader) in the field of chronic digestive and inflammatory disease so she is the perfect guest to answer all your questions about bloating, gas and the path food takes from gum to bum. Are there different types of IBS? What’s the difference between SIBO and IBS? Can you cure digestive woes with food? What the heck is the gut microbiome? Is there actually a connection between what goes on in your gut and your energy levels or mental health? How do I manage a diet where I am constipated on one end and poop my pants on the other? Digestive issues are no joke and issues with your tummy can make day to day life feel hard to manage. Join Hannah, Ali and Desiree as they talk all about going number 2… so your relationship with your digestion and your body can go back to being number 1. This is the episode so many of you asked for, and trust us, it’s one of the best ones yet!
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How to find Desiree Nielsen:

Instagram @desireenielsenrd

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